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The Providence Center

The Providence Center is at the forefront of innovative approaches to behavioral health care designed to meet the changing needs of the more than 11,000 people it serves each year. Since The Providence Center opened its doors in 1969, it has been a community resource, providing people from all walks of life with mental health and substance use services in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.

At The Providence Center, you will find a wide range of specialized behavior health care professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, chemical dependency treatment professionals, psychiatric nurses, vocational/rehabilitation counselors, special education teachers, case managers, residential counselors and teaching assistants.

There are no “stand-alone” services at The Providence Center. Within our clinical programs, professionals work as teams to provide clients with the comprehensive care necessary to meet their individual needs. For example, you will find mental health clinicians and chemical dependency treatment specialists working side by side to develop a client’s treatment plan, just as you will find special education teachers conferring with child therapists about a student’s classroom progress. By housing a broad array of services within one organization, our clinicians and clients have unique and frequent opportunities to draw upon diverse clinical expertise.

Through 39 programs and wraparound services, including food and housing, job training, legal services, primary health care and wellness activities, The Providence Center gives the people it serves the tools they need to succeed.

To learn more, visit the Providence Center website.